Polysexual: With sexual interest to a lot of although not all the genders

Polysexual: With sexual interest to a lot of although not all the genders

Platonic Wife: Someone that have who one may never be romantic otherwise sexual, however, to just who you have made lifelong responsibilities which could were things such as cohabiting and you can coparenting. Often abbreviated PLP.

Polycule: A system from interrelated matchmaking; are often used to consider the new system itself, or a map showing a comparable. A good portmanteau out of “poly” and you will “molecule,” by the varied you’ll configurations as well as how they are able to end up like charts of your toxins formations out-of particles. Groups and you will companies larger than five anybody commonly merely fool around with “polycule” otherwise “constellation” to explain the system, as opposed to on one of one’s specialized terms and conditions for less products, as the shapes can get complicated.

Note: many people fool around with pansexual because of it definition as well, because it’s the greater popular label and commentary around sexualities is actually progressing.

Primary Relationship/Partner: New prioritized relationships otherwise partner into the a great hierarchical put-up. People features several number one people, otherwise exit the choice for further primary-height dating to survive; however, many which prefer that it matchmaking build don’t.

Dating Anarchy: A relationship framework that is certainly considered a form of non-hierarchical polyamory, but even more particularly applies anarchist standards out-of mind-commitment and you may not enough state involvement so you can intimate relationships. Often abbreviated RA . It allows toward personal definition of for each and every matchmaking in the place of labels are used, and you can a great deal of dispute is present doing exactly how RA is actually or isnt included in polyamorous motions and you will neighborhood.

Secondary Dating/Partner: Extra couples or matchmaking beyond the top of them in an effective hierarchical circle. They frequently need to take on pre-existing rules or limits on time laid out by number one dating members, in place of recourse to alter such.

Unicamente Polyamory: A form of polyamory in which one chooses to be their “number 1 mate,” strengthening associations without any assumption from moving on in the “relationship escalator” that have a minumum of one. Have a tendency to comes with the belief of life besides all the people.

Usually big date-restricted to the beginning of a separate flirtation otherwise matchmaking, but from time to time an unbarred power to cancel extra dating any kind of time go out

Transgender : Somebody who makes reference to as transgender describes given that any intercourse almost every other versus you to definitely these people were assigned at birth. It the only gender distinguishing identity they normally use, or they might use other, more specific conditions during the trans umbrella.*

Telemour: New lover off a metamour who is not the common companion; regarding supply “tele,” distant – thus literally “distant like

Triad: A love out-of three somebody, all of just who try romantically involved in each other. An excellent triad includes about three dyads (An effective and you can B; A great and you can C; and you will B and you can C) plus the triad dating (A beneficial and you may B and you can C). One of the most publicized forms of polyamory when you look at Divorced dating service the traditional news.

Unicorn: A great bisexual woman whom would rather have relationship with each other bits away from a beneficial heterosexual pair on the words lay mainly from the one partners plans.

Unicorn Candidates: Lovers which find an excellent bisexual girl which would rather provides dating with one another parts of a beneficial heterosexual couple to your terms and conditions put primarily by one lovers plans having a romance. This identity can be put derisively, since this types of body’s nearly impossible to find as of your own need to accept the lovers terminology, and because that it build whenever addressed is usually accustomed negatively impact younger bisexual women not used to polyamory.

V: A relationship community along with about three some body in which there are two main “ends” that are metamours although not romantically associated with both, and you may good rely partner. A v (both written vee ) polycule consists of several dyads (Good and B and B and you may C).

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